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Air purifying
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Air purifying


Particles in indoor air as a rule can't be seen, noticed or smelled. A vast majority of them have a harmful impact to our health. Indoor air pollution is a standout amongst the most vital regular restorative issues today. We spend around 90% of our time inside and are thus more likely to wind up noticeably sick from contaminations in our home or office than from pollution outside. Lux Professional offers you imaginative air treatment structures designed to upgrade the air quality in your home, work space or even in your car. Our propelled advancements and multi-level filtration structures lessen pollutants and in addition eliminates odors from your indoor air.



Our dedication and pride in our products and services have motivated us to focus on superior customer relations for decades. The strategic goals of our company have been reformulated and shaped based on these principles and provides us with a passion for future progress and production.


An aggressive and aspiring mentality and a culture of success have described our organization since it's inception, and has driven LUX PROFESSIONAL to where it is today; One of the world's most innovative producers of professional cleaning equipment.


Through our over 100 years of history; quality and dependability are in the DNA that characterizes our items and describes the way we work together. We regard dependability as a mainstay of our business, our products and our relationship with our clients.


Aeroguard mini, air purifier


A compact high performance air purifier for healthy indoor air at home and at work. It’s very light, user friendly and energy saving.

  • 5 filtration levels (HEPA)
  • energy efficient
  • Compact, lightweight
  • 360° air inlet

Features & Benefits

5-stage purification system (pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, UV led light, ionizer)

Covers of the unit can be changed and they are available in different colours like grey, black and red

3-speed levels

Lightweight (4,2 kg)

Tested by Swiss Allergy Service (SAS) and strongly recommended by the Swiss Allergy Association aha! Swiss Allergy Centre.


Room size 14 m2
Maximum airflow 34-175 m3/h
Change Filter indicator Yes
Filter type Washable Pre Filter
HEPA Filter
Carbon Filter
Air purity sensor No
Purification system 5 stage
Technology UV LED light
Energy consumption 7-22 W
Speed levels 3
Working modes Manual
Air outlet Top
Air inlet Bottom
Features -
Remote control No
Certification aha!
Colour Changeable covers: grey, black, red
Item dimensions 476 x 254 mm
Item weight 4,2 kg
Quantity/pack 1

Aeroguard 4S, air purifier


The newest generation of air treatment systems. LUX Aeroguard 4S air purifier with its 5 filtration stages, the air purifier constantly guarantees you fresh and healthy air.

  • Nanopure, UVA, ionizer
  • Functions: auto, sleep, timer, silent mode
  • Tested & Approved
  • Intelligent self monitor

Features & Benefits

LUX Aeroguard 4S has 5 stages patented purification system

The washable PRE FILTER removes the roughest particles such as hair and fabrics.

The SWISS HEPA™ FILTER is a highly efficient filter capable of removing up to 99.97% of micro particles, such as fine dust, pollen and mould spores.

The patented NANOPURE+™ with 360° UV TECHNOLOGY effective in neutralising viruses and bacteria in the air and contributes to healthy indoor air quality.

The DUOTRON TECHNOLOGY is reduces the growth of viruses and bacteria in the air outside of the air purifier. Viruses and bacteria will not only be drawn into the device, they will also be actively fought in the air and rendered harmless.

The granular ACTIVE CARBON FILTER binds gases and odours of natural and chemical origin. This filtration stage is effective in reducing tobacco smoke and cooking smells.

9 speed levels

Features indication on display: humidity, temperature, locking


Room size 47 m2
CADR Rating - Dust 10-400 m3/h
CADR Rating - Pollen 25-450 m3/h
CADR Rating - Smoke 10-450 m3/h
Maximum airflow 566 m3/h
Change Filter indicator Yes
Filter type Washable Pre Filter
Swiss HEPA™ Filter (H13)
Active Carbon Filter
Air purity sensor Yes
Purification system 6 stage
Technology NANOPURE+™ with 360° UV
Energy consumption 17-85 W
Speed levels 9
Working modes Automatic
Noise Sensor
Air outlet Top
Air inlet Sides
Features Humidity indication
Temperature indication
Locking function
Remote control Yes
Produces ozone Below detection level
Certification aha!
Colour White
Item dimensions (H x W x D) 530 x 450 x 230 mm
Item weight 9,2 kg
Quantity/pack 1
Item code 3185700
Barcode 8902040300008


Aroma Block System

Our professional smell blocker systems AEROBLOCK and 3D Zyme eliminate unpleasant nursing home and hospice odours without adding pollutants to the air and result in a fresh smelling environment.  It is safe, natural and non-toxic.This will help create a healthy, chemical free atmosphere for patients to recuperate in.




Aeroblock are designed for indoor use to degrade and eliminate bad odour. Aeroblock contain 100% special treated essential oils that encapsulates and destroys bad odors and leaves the air fresh.

Features & Benefits

Aeroblock can be used in all types of environments where you want clean fresh air, even in environments where people suffer from allergies.

It very quickly and efficiently occupies space, and eliminates all bad odor without causing headaches or other


Safety Data sheet

3d zyme


3D Zyme is a synergistic blend of specialized strains of live (500 billion/gal), but safe-to-use bacteria chosen for their ability to produce enzymes to digest the organic matter that generates foul odors.

Features & Benefits

3D Zyme contains special chosen bacteria that, when applied to the source, will remove odors from not only surfaces, but also those already in the air.


Safety Data sheet

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