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THE CLEAN DEAL - starts with pure air and clean floor surfaces. Provide a more satisfying working environment for your team and guests!

Your customers come to you to keep healthy and beautiful, and your colleagues should be their guide along the way. A Healthy environment is not a privilege only in our homes, it is also important to work and take care of your health in an atmosphere with quality air. Expand your comfort zone to your business so that your employees and clients can also be a part of it.

Improve cleanliness with more efficient cleaning methods

Our efficient cleaning methods and products will help you create a healthier environment with a lower investment of labor and resources. We help to provide top of the line results with more profitable usage for just about any task or environment.

Specialized for business and public use facilities:

  • Reduce chemical consumption and environmental impact
  • Reduction of labor needed. Floor maintenance can be conducted efficiently with one pass.
  • Daytime cleaning is not a problem due to reduced noise levels.
  • Decrease of risk and slippery floors thereby minimising accidents.
  • Increased sustainability through more use of green cleaning products


Over a century of innovative professional cleaning

Our goal is to improve cleanliness and create a healthy environment for your location while maintaining environmentally friendly and more efficient methods. We help to improve your businesses first impression with clients and enhance your reputation and efficiency.

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