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Cleaning solutions
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Surface cleaning

We empower our global clients to improve their lifestyle with our sustainable cleaning products.

Plain water from the faucet can be used for cleaning exceptionally well. LUX PROFESSIONAL gives add up to adaptability to easily switch between synthetic free, water-just cleaning or diverse cleaning powers with a simple control button. LUX PROFESSIONAL'S proven success of Cleaning Solutions mirror the commercial markets comprehension of the cleaning energy of customary faucet water and the fact that specific dirtied surfaces on occasion require cleanser.



Our dedication and pride in our products and services have motivated us to focus on superiour customer relations for decades. The strategic goals of our company have been reformulated and shaped based on these principles and provides us with a passion for future progress and production.


An aggressive and aspiring mentality and a culture of success have described our organization since it's inception, and has driven LUX PROFESSIONAL to where it is today; One of the world's most innovative producers of professional cleaning equipment.​


Through our over 100 years of history; quality and dependability are in the DNA that characterizes our items and describes the way we work together. We regard dependability as a mainstay of our business, our products and our relationship with our clients.


Ecoprof, the steam cleaner


In particularly sensitive areas like butcheries, kitchens, bakeries, and bathrooms hygiene is a must. Ecoprof is the ideal solution for hygienic cleaning.

  • Unique hot water jet
  • Solid stainless steel housing
  • Wide accessories range
  • Transport trolley

Features & Benefits

HOT WATER JET: With a simple switch the steam is replaced by a hot water jet of almost 100C° allowing precise operation.

REACHES EVERY CORNER: The triangular brush reaches even the most hidden and difficult corners, allowing a fast and efficient cleaning.

ROUND BRUSHES: These brushes allow the removal of even the most difficult stains. Thanks to the well targeted steam it even breaks up and removes encrusted dirt."

WINDOW WIPER: Deep cleaning with ease of use, minimum water consumption without chemicals saves time and money.

IRON: The high steam performance allows amazing results in very short time. Layer and vertical ironing allow the effortless ironing of clothing.

EASY TRANSPORT: The transport trolley is the perfect solution for longer distances and stairs.

In addition, the basket serves as accessory compartment and allows the user to always have everything at hand.


Voltage V / Hz 230 / 50
Wattage (max.) Watt 2.200
Working pressure (max.) bar 4,5
Tank volume (total) Liter 4,0
Steam temperature C 150
Working time per tank filling Std. 3-4
Height mm 290
Length mm 280
Depth mm 280
Weight kg 7,5


Body and tank: INOX steel


Uniprof, the floor specialist


Every kind of flooring has its own special properties and problem areas.

For carpets, wood and stone floors, safety floorings and rubber stud floorings, PVC, laminate and many more LUX Uniprof is the perfect solution for professional cleaning.

  • Counter rotating brush working system
  • Robust construction with qualitative material
  • User-friendly secure usage
  • Removable tank
  • Customised floor cleaning devices
  • Application on all surfaces: carpet, hard floor, linoleum among others
  • Available in 3 sizes

Features & Benefits

Intelligent technology astonishingly simple

The secret is in the counter-rotating brush rollers: Water is spread on the floor at the pull of a handle. The two counter-rotating brush rollers clean the floor, pick up the dirty water and throw it onto the discharge drum. From there, the water is stripped off and, with the dirt, reaches the waste water pan.

Time saving

The neoprene-coated discharge drum improves the dirt pick up by up to 20% and reduces the drying time of the floor considerably.


The solid housing, robust metal gear wheels and strong toothed belt drives a guaranteed long life. Moreover, the high performance motor is audibly quieter than motors of comparable machines.

Safety comes first

Nothing works without the safety pedal: Only when the driving rod has been unlocked can the Lux UNIPROF™ be made operational.

Pressure as required

The brush pressure can be customised to the ground type in four stages using the convenient foot pedal.

Easily from A to B

The foot pedal moves the transport rolls conveniently in and out. The rolls additionally protect the brushes from warping when the machine is not in operation.


    UP240T UP340 UP340P UP440P
Performance Watt 400 600 626 1000
Vattage V / Hz 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Rotation rpm 650 650 650 650
Working width mm 240 340 340 440
Clean water
tank capacity
Liter 3 0 4 4
Clean water
tray capacity
Liter 0 3 0 0
Dirt water
tray capacity
Liter 1,4 2 2 2,5
Pump yes/no no no yes yes
Weight kg 20,5 23,5 25 29,5
Width mm 340 440 440 540
Depth mm 378 378 378 378
Height of the
main body
mm 210 210 210 210
Noise level
dB(A) 68 69 69 71
Handle vibration m/s2 <2,5 <2,5 <2,5 <2,5

Powerprof, the vacuum cleaner


Carpeted floor, tiles, PVC, wooden floor, mattresses and upholstery require different cleaning procedures.

LUX Powerprof, professional vacuum cleaner offers an advanced performing system to satisfy all requirements in the professional segment.

  • Long life high performance motor
  • Solid material constriction, robust and resistant
  • 2 speed levels
  • 3 levels of filtration system
  • Conical hose
  • Special storage room for cable and accessories

Features & Benefits

Silent cleaning: The combination between the high performance motor and the noise absorbing construction make the POWERPROF very quiet even at high speed.

User-friendly: The soft touch handle is very pleasant and guarantees a secure hold. From the handle the motor brush can easily be switched on and off.

Energy saving: Full power or Eco mode - easy to choose with the practical foot pedal according to your needs.

Accessory compartmenet: Practically stored and always within reach thanks to the integrated storage compartment.

Practical carrying handle: Ergonomically developed and perfectly balanced for comfortable transport.

Dust bag capacity: The synthetic 3-layer dust bag has a capacity of 10 litres and its tearproof material also resists light dampness. The HEPA H10 filter protects the motor and cares for purified air.


Voltage Volt 230

Nominal power

Watt 1.200
Suction power Watt 322
Pressure mbar 290
Air flow l/s 37
Noise level dB(A) 73
Weight kg 6,2
Height cm 34
Diameter cm 32
Cable length m 15
Working radius m 18
Hose length m 2,5
Dust bag Liter 10

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